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Topics and sessions

The sessions, all plenary, will have various forms: oral and poster presentations, discussion, working groups, (computer) demonstrations, etc. Presentations will be rather short, so we do not expect participants to present their full paper at the seminar but to select those issues that could stimulate discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Sessions will cover the well-known EUGISES-issue of “Confirmed and new GIS-educational practices” applied in Europe and beyond. In particular the following questions and topics are at stake:

    • How can the internet help?

    • How important are the upcoming spatial data infrastructures?

    • How important is the GIS-software?

    • How important is the instructor?

    • How important are the characteristics of the target student group?

    • Educational trajectories for GIS

    • Is there scope and/or need for standardisation of GIS-curricula and teaching materials?

    • How can quality of GIS-education be measured and assured?


In addition to these EUGISES-issues contributions are invited related to relatively unexplored topics such as:

  • What do we learn from educational advances in other disciplines?

  • Examples and evaluation of north-north, north-south and south-south GIS-educational cooperation

  • Is geo-ICT a component of GIS-education or is it a separate topic?