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Geography and Tourism

Division of GeographyWelcome to the website of the Division of Geography and Tourism. Geography focuses on spatial patterns of physical and human-induced phenomena at the earth’s surface and on the interactions between society and the environment.

Our division organizes a Bachelor as well as a Master of Geography, a Master of Tourism as well as Doctoral Training. We are also involved in the Erasmus Mundus Master in Sustainable Territorial Development. Unique in these courses is the thorough training in both natural and human sciences, so that our graduates are capable of working in a wide range of jobs.  

Research topics

Geomorphic processes, soil degradation and soil conservationGeomorphic processes, soil degradation and soil conservation
J. Poesen and G. Govers
Society and EnvironmentSociety and Environment
M. Loopmans, G. Govers, A. Van Rompaey and C. Parra
Terrestrial ecosystems and environmental changeTerrestrial ecosystems and environmental change
G. Verstraeten and E. Paulissen
Regional Climate StudiesRegional Climate Studies (RCS)
N. van Lipzig
Learning and teaching processes within GeographyLearning and teaching processes within Geography
A. Steegen
Socio-economic Geography of SettlementsSocio-economic Geography of Settlements
C. Kesteloot, M. Loopmans, M. Aalbers and E. Van Hecke
Economic geography, regional development and spatial policyEconomic geography, regional development and spatial policy
D. Vanneste, M. Loopmans, M. Aalbers, C. Parra and E. Van Hecke
Tourism and leisureTourism and leisure
D. Vanneste, J. van der Borg and C. Parra


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