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Our mission

section_geologyResearchers of the Division of Geology concentrate on the study of Planet Earth. In particular we study the geosphere – the ‘solid’ Earth – and try to figure out the significance of processes in the geosphere with respect to the functioning of Earth’s systems from global to local scale. In our research we look into ‘deep time’, but always in the perspective of the challenges our society faces today and in the future. Besides the fundamental research questions, our research is often driven by societal and economic aspects of geology (e.g. non-renewable natural resources, geohazards, water, climate change, waste management).
Based on the scientific expertise in different research domains, the Division of Geology offers a high-quality Bachelor and Master program in Geology, in which we train “all-round” geologists that can call upon a broad training in the natural sciences and a focused training in the earth sciences.


A dynamic team of researchers is active in 3 research groups (Biogeology, Geodynamics & Geofluids, Applied Geology & Mineralogy) and focus their research on 6 thematic research topics.

Research Topics

Archaeometry & Geoarchaeology

  • society-environment dynamics
  • mining & trade of mineral resources
  • organisation of land use
  • tectonic & climatic forcing of societal changes

Applied Mineralogy

  • stone & mortar in monument conservation studies
  • zeolite mineralogy & use as pozzolans
  • mineral carbonation
  • cement minerals & concrete petrography
  • clays & clay minerals


  • biosphere-geosphere interactions
  • palaeontology
  • stratigraphy
  • palaeoclimatology

Continental Tectonics

  • plate tectonics & mountain building
  • continental brittle-plastic rheology
  • earthquake geology

Geodynamics & Geofluids

  • diagenesis & metamorphism
  • magmatic processes
  • ore genesis
  • hydrocarbon reservoir characteristics

Hydrogeology & Applied Geology

  • groundwater modelling
  • geostatistics
  • environmental geochemistry
  • engineering geology


Within the framework of the Dutch version of the master in de geologie the possibility is offered to take an English taught track. You can thus become a master in de geologie and only take English taught courses. You can specialise in two fields of interest: Geodynamics and geofluids or Applied geology and mineralogy.


rocklibrary10_sThe RockLibrary@Leuven is an educational tool that enables undergraduate students to improve their microscopy skills in a wide range of disciplines (e.g. mineralogy, petrology, structural geology) by means of a series of teaching collections. It also aims at creating a reference tool for graduate and postgraduate students and researchers in their research activities by means of a number of thematic collections.