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Excursions for all participants

Mid-conference, on Wednesday afternoon, several short excursions will be offered to all participants. Preferences can be e-mailed to or indicated upon arrival in Leuven at the registration desk. Notice that some excursions may have a maximum number of participants!

On the programme are:

  • Préhistosite de Ramioul
    This excursion will take us to the Préhistosite de Ramioul (http://www.ramioul.org/) in the town of Flémalle (about 20km E of Liège – ±1 hour bus drive from Leuven). Excavations of the Ramioul cave began in 1907 and distinct layers on site show occupation from 70.000 BC (Keilmessergruppen/Micoquien) over 30.000 BC (Aurignacian) to 2.750 BC. We will have the opportunity to have a guided tour by an on-site archaeologist of the site, as well as of their new temporary exhibition L’âge de l’écorce (“the age of bark” - http://www.museum-albersdorf.de/bast/). This exhibition will guide us through the use of bark (and to a lesser extent wood in general) during prehistoric times, accompanied by a series of animations. The visit will last about 3 hours and the maximum number of participants is set at 45.
  • City visit Antwerp (either in English or French, 2h30, max. 20 participants each):
    In search of………Rubens

    Stroll through the former Quartier Latin to soon discover the Rubens house. A visit will bring you back to the personal world of the grand master: the way he designed his house and garden, his family relations, his favourite art objects and finally his workshop with several of his paintings. (Incl. train ride to Antwerpen, 1h single journey)
  • City visit Antwerp (either in English or French, 2h30, max. 20 participants each):
    In search of………the Golden Age of Antwerp (16th - early17th century AD)

    Discover the old city. Admiring the architecture of the buildings and the medieval street pattern you will pass the Cathedral, the Grand Place with the impressive historical Townhall, the Vlaaikensgang and then head for the riverside. The old fortress Het Steen is garding the city and the Vleeshuis, former guild house of the butchers is a magnificent relict of the wealth generated in Antwerp in the 16th century. (Incl. train ride to Antwerpen, 1h single journey)
  • City visit Ghent (English, 3h00, max. 50 participants)
    The area around the train station of Ghent really came to life after the World Fair of 1913. We visit the cuve of Ghent around the river Leie, the basis for the richness of the city in the 16th century. The rich history and patrimony of the city are explored, without forgetting its architecture. (Incl. train ride to Ghent, 1h single journey)
  • City walk Leuven (for all, English - Français)
Post-Conference Excursion

A one-day post-conference excursion to the Flemish battlefield of World War I (“Flanders Fields”) will be organized, for maximum 45 participants. Cost is 50 Euro (lunch included) to be paid at the conference venue. Detailed programme will be announced. Provisional details or information can be obtained with or