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Overview presentation of papers

Stakeholders forum (Oral presentation)
  1. Mitiku Haile: Enhanced scope for sustainable livelihood through effective research-extension linkage in Tigray – the case of Mekelle University as engine for development
  2. Kassa Amare: Hydrological investigation of Abraha Atsbaha irrigated area
  3. Desta Gebremichael: Contributions of the programmes of soil and water conservation and reforestation to environmental rehabilitation and livelihood improvements in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.  A case of the interventions of Relief Society of Tigray (REST) in watershed development from 1993 to 2010
top of pageSoil and Water Conservation
  1. Bram Govaerts: Conservation agriculture in world perspective
  2. Tesfay Araya: Long term impact of conservation agriculture on runoff, soil loss and crop yield on a Vertisol in the northern Ethiopian highlands
  3. Eva Gacheru: Effect of organic mulch type and time of application on potato yield, soil moisture and temperature in a contrasting climate gradient in Embu district, Kenya
  4. Mekonnen Kindu: Competing uses, dynamics and production and utilization constraints of crop residues in East Africa: implications for conservation agriculture
  5. Hildelitha Msita: Evolution of Miraba: an indigenous soil erosion control practice in Usambara Mountains, Tanzania
  6. Liesbeth Colen: Moving soil back up the slopes: a sustainability analysis of a local innovation in the olive orchards of NW Syria
  7. Joost Wellens: Managing competing water users in a small watershed using decision support tools – A case study for Burkina Faso
  8. Jan Moeyersons: Threshold combinations of slope and runon area as a tool in the description of hillslope incisions in the Albertine and the Main Ethiopian Rift
  9. Ruger Winnegge: Participatory planning for watershed management – The approach of IMWNET
  10. Mugonola Basil: Adoption of soil and water conservation technologies in the highlands of south western Uganda
top of pageWater Resources part I
  1. Kristine Walraevens: Groundwater exploitation: Safe yield versus sustainable yield. Example of the Aynalem well field, Mekelle
  2. Marc Van Camp: Hydrodynamic response on recharge events in a sloped aquifer in the May Zeg Zeg basin near Hagere Selam (Northern Ethiopia)
  3. Abebe Mengistu: Groundwater recharge estimation for Lake Haramaya watershed using groundwater balance approach
  4. Abdelwassie Hussien Bushra: Model based aquifer characterization and groundwater management in the Raya Valley
  5. Mekonnen Gebremichael: Evaluation of satellite rainfall products over the Blue Nile Basin through hydrologic simulations
  6. Amanuel Zenebe: Intra-seasonal river discharge variability in response to rainfall and catchment greenness as detected by hyper-temporal SPOT NDVI image analysis in Geba catchment, Northern Ethiopia
  7. Gebremedhin Berhane: Geological, geophysical and engineering geological investigation of a leaky Micro-dam in the Northern Ethiopia
  8. Tewodros Alemayehu: The nature of CO2-rich groundwater in basalt aquifer (Axum): source and reaction pathways
Water Resources part II
  1. Okke Batelaan: Groundwater recharge and groundwater discharge: the importance of speaking the same language
  2. Joshua Wanyama: Assessment of variability in stream flow and sediment yields in the upper Rwizi catchment, Lake Victoria Basin, Uganda
  3. Yohana Enock Mtoni: Hydrogeochemical characteristics of groundwater in Dar es Salaam Quaternary aquifer, Tanzania
  4. Charles Bakundukize: Evaluation of groundwater resource potential of a basement aquifer in Bugesera region (Burundi)
  5. Josue Bahati Chishugi: Water Resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo
  6. Henri Totin: Climatic and geological constraints for groundwater recharge in the Volta River Basin in Benin (West Africa)
  7. Kristine Martens: Hydrogeology of Lambert’s Bay (Western Cape, South-Africa)
  8. Krishna Bahadur: Assessing strategic water availability using remote sensing , GIS and spatial water budget model: A case from Upper Ing Watershed, Thailand
  9. Guido Wyseure: Integrated water quantity and quality management model for resilient wastewater collection and treatment in Paraguay
top of pageCrop Water Productivity
  1. Dirk Raes: Improving crop water productivity in water scarce regions
  2. Berhanu Abrha: Yield simulation of barley infested with weeds
  3. Eline Vanuytrecht: Crop water productivity and yield under future climatic conditions: an assessment with AquaCrop
  4. Emmanuel Kipkorir: Optimal sowing date of maize in sub-humid Eldoret region, Kenya
  5. Hadush Kidane: Analysis of rainfall variability and frequencies and implications on water storage and rain fed agriculture development in Abbay Basin, Ethiopia
  6. Kassa Teka Belay: Land suitability investigation for different irrigation methods in Korir watershed, Northern Ethiopia
  7. Petra Schmitter: Effect of water management on the spatio-temporal variation of water productivity and rice yield
top of pageWater and Livelihood / Livestock Water use and Productivity
  1. Tilahun Amede: Investing in rainwater management systems for achieving food security and ecosystems services in crop-livestock systems of the Nile Basin
  2. Kindie Genet: Anticipating economic, social and environmental impacts of rainwater management strategies using a multicriteria optimization model: the case of Abay in the Blue Nile Basin
  3. Lutgart Lenaerts: Policy shifts and entitlements in water. A case-study of hand dug wells in Tigray, northern Ethiopia
  4. Abebe Ejigu Alemu: Exploring fish market potential and contribution to rural livelihood in Tigray: challenges and prospects
  5. Seid Ahmed: Hartha and Ella: An indigenous institution of water management in Konso, Southern Ethiopia
  6. Gebrehawaria Gebreegziabher: A cost-benefit analysis (CBA) of ground water irrigation investment in Raya Valley and Kobo Area of Northern Ethiopia8. Don Peden: Livestock development for better water use in the Nile basin
  7. Don Peden: Livestock development for better water use in the Nile basin
  8. Tom Deckers: Strategy for apple production in the semi-arid highlands of Ethiopia
  9. Alice Nakiyemba: Farmers, politicians and technocrats: conflict dynamics surrounding water and livelihoods in the upper river Ruizi water catchment Lake Victoria Basin Uganda
  10. Jan de Leeuw: Effects of abstractions upstream on water security in the Ewaso N’giro catchment, Kenya
top of pageAquatic Ecology
  1. Erik Jeppesen: Studies of climate change effects on freshwater ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa - a multifaceted and cross-national approach is needed
  2. Celine Steinfeld: Water resource development and ecological impacts in floodplain landscapes
  3. Endalkachew Kissi: Spatial and temporal variability of sediment yield of Gilgel Gibe catchment, Southwestern Ethiopia
  4. Jan Nyssen: Catchment management strongly decreases the sediment transport in rivers – a comprehensive study in May Zeg-zeg (North Ethiopian Highlands)
  5. Luc Brendonck: Temporary ponds – islands in time and space
  6. Luc De Meester: Lakes and reservoirs in the landscape: from biodiversity patterns to ecosystem services
  7. Tadesse Dejenie: Cladoceran composition in tropical semi-arid highland reservoirs in Tigray (Northern Ethiopia): a metacommunity perspective applied to young artificial reservoirs
top of pageClimate Change Adaptation
    1. Bart Muys: Integrated mitigation/adaptation strategies for water related ecosystem services
    2. Habtom Mulugeta: Evaluation of climate change impact on upper Blue Nile basin reservoirs: case study on Gilgel Abay reservoir.
    3. Yakob Mohammed Umer: Climate change impact assessment on soil water availability and crop yield in Blue Nile Basin
    4. Ricardo Romero Perezgrovas: Conservation agriculture as an economically viable alternative for climate change adaptation in Mexico: evidence from the central highlands
    5. Linda Magesa Nyangubho Nyega: Mainstreaming climate change adaptation in the management of fresh water resources in the Rufij Basin
    6. Lieven Claessens: Assessing climate change adaptation strategies for small scale, semi-subsistence farming
    7. Paula Pacheco: Adapting to climate change in Bolivian Andean communities depending on tropical glaciers
    8. Stefanos Xenarios: Economic Assessment of water storage for adaptation to climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa

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    1. Understanding the environmental changes in Tigray: a photographic record over 30 years monitoring.
      Nyssen, J., Munro, R.N., Mitiku Haile, Poesen, J., Descheemaeker, K., Nigussie Haregeweyn, Moeyersons, J., Govers, G., Deckers, J.

    2. Impact of cattle, land use and exclosures on water quality of reservoirs in the semi-arid highlands of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.
      Abreha Gebrekidan.

    3. Hydrological connectivity in small catchments in Northern Ethiopia, a trade-off between fighting land degradation and water harvesting in Northern Ethiopia.
      Teka D.,Van Wesemael B., Poesen J, Hallet V., Vanacker V., Deckers S., Taye G., Haregeweyn N.


    1. Keep Recording and Informing: The History of Book Making in Ethiopian Christian Churches.
      Gezae Haile.

    2. Assessment and monitoring of shallow wells for small scale irrigation in the alluvial aquifer of Mendea area, Arbaha-Atsbeha, Ethiopia.
      Kassa Amare, Tesfamichael G.Yohannes, Kristine Walraevens, Hans Bauer, Seppe Deckers.

    3. Sustainable water resource utilization and management under intense demand for groundwater exploitation for irrigation purposes: the case of Abreha Atsbeha basin, Northern Ethiopia.
      Tesfamichael G.Yohannes, Kristine Walraevens, F. De Smedt, Ruben Baert, Kassa Amare, Kristine Martens, Seppe Deckers.

    4. Impact of soil fertility on yield and water productivity of tef (Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter)  as simulated by FAO-AquaCrop model.
      Alemtsehay, T., Raes, D., Vanuytrecht, E., Geerts, S., Berhanu, A., Raes, W., Viaene, N., Deckers, J, A., Bauer, H., and Kindeya, G.


    1. Impact of surface water reservoirs in enhancing groundwater reserves in the highland of Northern Ethiopia, Tigray region.
      Tesfamichael G.Yohannes, F. De Smedt, Kristine Walraevens, Jan Nyssen, Jan Moeyersons, Jozef Deckers, Kindeya Gebrehwot, Hans Bauer.

    2. Welfare impact of different water harvesting schemes and farmers willingness to pay for earth dam.
      Kidanemariam Gebreegziabher, Erik Mathijs,  Thomas Woldu, Mesfin Tilahun Atsede Giday, Daan Ooms, Hans Bauer, Jozef Deckers and Kindeya Gebrehiwot.

    3. Functional analysis of the role of the riverine fish Garra  in the food web of reservoirs in the semi-arid highlands of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.
      Mekonen Teferi, Tom De Bie, Tsehaye Asmelash, Tadesse Dejene, Abraha G/kidan, Steven Declerck and Luc De Meester.

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    1. The effect of catchment area and flashfloods on controlling sediment export of the Geba catchment, northern Ethiopia.
      Amanuel Zenebe, Matthias Vanmaercke, Jan Nyssen, Jean Poesen, Gert Verstraeten, Mitiku Haile, Kassa Amare, Gebreyohannes Girmay, Hans Bauer, Jozef Deckers

    2. Spatial analysis of land use and land cover changes in Aynimbrkekn tabia from 1965 till 2007.
      Kassa Teka, Anton Van Rompaey, Jean Poesen, Simon Van Bruyssel, Amanuel Zenebe

    3. Medium-term effects of conservation agriculture for in-situ soil and water management and crop productivity in the northern Ethiopian highlands.
      Tesfay Araya, Wim M. Cornelis, Jan Nyssen, Bram Govaerts, Fekadu Getnet, Hans Bauer, Kassa Amare, Alemtsehay Tsegay, Dirk Raes, Mitiku Haile, Jozef Deckers

    4. Impact of soil and water conservation measures on soil loss and hydrology in May-Zegzeg catchment.
      Jan Nyssen, Mitiku Haile, Jean Poesen, Wim Clymans, Ine Vandecasteele, Katrien Descheemaeker, Matthias Vanmaercke, Amanuel Zenebe, Nigussie Haregeweyn, Jan Moeyersons, Jozef Deckers

    5. Understanding gully erosion dynamics since 1965 in May Bati, Northern Ethiopia.
      Amaury Frankl, Stephanie de Mûelenaere, Miró Jacob, Jean Poesen, Mitiku Haile, Morgan De Dapper, Jozef Deckers, Jan Nyssen

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