Division of Geology


Our mission

Researchers of the Division of Geology concentrate on the study of Planet Earth. In particular, we study the solid earth and try to understand its functioning from global to local scales and from today back into ‘deep time’. Besides fundamental research questions, our research is driven by challenges facing our society – in past, present and future – such as non-renewable natural resources, geohazards, water availability, climate change and waste management. We aim at contributing to sustainable solutions to these challenges.


Based on the scientific expertise in different research domains, the Division of Geology offers a high-quality Bachelor and Master program in Geology, in which we train “all-round” geologists that can call upon a broad training in the natural sciences and a focused training in the earth sciences.

Research themes

  • Archaeometry
  • Ore geology and geofluids
  • Geodynamics
  • Biogeology
  • ...



Division of Geology
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Research infrastructure of the division Geology